Gilles Berthoumieux

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Gilles Berthoumieux

Agricultural engineer, and founder of his own company since 1996, he is specialized in essential oil. Gilles Berthoumieux travelled around the world for more than 30 years to search for new ingredients and made no compromise on quality. Passionate about botany and very attached to his region, he installed his company in the heart of « Pays de Cocagne », at Cambounet sur le Sor. It is on his family’s land that he restored the culture of Woad Dyer on a 4 hectares field. 4 years were needed to have an expert knowledge of the culture, the harvest and the process to obtain the precious pigment.

The « Château des Plantes » is a unique place, like a living museum. It is also the unique actor in its sector to highlight all the process of the dying woad ( Isatis Tinctoria): From the culture to the extract, but also with the ancient dyeing techniques, and the production of oil and cosmetics based on real woad of Pays de Cocagne!

Thus, the company decided to enhance and commercialize in complete transparency its own brand of natural cosmetics products !


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We think that the well-being is also the respect of the environment. It necessary to adopt a responsible attitude.
Our commitment is identified by :

  • The choice of organic production and local production as much as possible
  • The choice of recyclable material with no unnecessary packing
  • The choice of short cycle by getting supplied from the origin, by developing and producing our own products

Our work is the result of long term and harmonious relationship with our collaborators, producers of aromatic plants from around the world. This collaboration is part of a traceability and solidarity approach.
We provide :

  • A technical and scientific support to get the highest quality level
  • A long term commitment with our producers to make a success of their activity
  • For our customer, we offer a total traceability, a safe product and a fair price

Natural Products

In the heart of of preserved nature, out family company form Tarn dedicated itself with real passion to the organic production of aromatic plants and the rediscovery of ancestral and forgotten botanical species of the region such as WOAD and CYNARA.

Short Cycle

From the culture to the harvest of seeds or leaf, the fermentation to the transformation of cosmetic products or of dyeing textile, everything is created on the domain. Our woad and cynara are 100% certified form local production and independent.

Fair Trade

The fair trade is made from shorter and transparent commercial chains. It allows the producers to live decently form their work and to be an active part of their development model. We work on the fair distribution of the wealth on the whole production chain.

CSR Approach

We have the will to contribute to a better world by providing products which respect Humans and the environment. A vocation which was expressed by the approach of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) inside the company.